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I decided to promote reverse mortgages after a friend told me that he got a reverse mortgage and it saved his home. My response to his news was negative because I had only heard bad things about reverse mortgages. But I did admit to him that what I knew about reverse mortgages was hearsay as I had never done any of my own research. I did some research with the aim of helping him get out of the loan.

What I learned surprised me, the HECM reverse mortgage was very safe with, a hallmark feature, “no required monthly payments.” Without a closer look, for many people this probably sounds too good to be true and when you couple that notion with bad press, it’s not surprising that there is fear and apprehension about using the product. I made it my mission to correct the misconceptions about the product so that Seniors aren’t afraid to use it as intended, to simply get more out of retirement while aging in their own homes.

I come to the mortgage business after 3 decades in corporate strategy and business development. I started by career as a Structural Engineer before transitioning to construction management and commercial real estate development.

I have a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Tufts University and an M.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Chicago. I have been awarded 3 U.S. patents.

I’ve been a resident of West Hartford for over 25 years and I enjoy all things outdoors, especially playing tennis and gardening. I volunteer for West Hartford Leisure Services, West Hartford Public Access TV and I mentor and coach students at Hartford High Schools competing in the national business competitions.

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Michael Sloan serves the areas of West Hartford, Hartford County, Springfield County, Springfield.

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